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Digital Engineering Corporation

Citygate GIS provides technical consulting services tailored to support clients with requirements for systems implementation, networking, database design and application development in a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) setting. With over 20 years of experience, Citygate brings the vision and the experience required to implement comprehensive solutions which meet our clients needs and provide a solid platform for future growth.

Government Services:

Citygate has been providing consulting services to government agencies for over 25 years. Clients have included a range of Federal Agencies, International Governments and State and Local Governments throughout the United States. Citygate's government Services include:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Application Development
  • Database Conversion
  • Spatial Analysis
  • System Design
  • Project Implementation
  • Training
  • On Site Support

Example Projects:

US Army Research and Development Center (.pdf)
Development of a War Crimes Evidence Search System (.pdf)

Transportation Services:

Citygate GIS provides consulting services for the transportation industry. Citygate has experience in the areas of software development, Routing, GIS implementation, system design, and technology transfer. (Additional Information on School Support Services such as School Bus Routing can be found by clicking here)

  • Application Development
  • Database Conversion
  • Geocoding/Routing Analysis
  • Web Mapping Services
  • Special Truck/Overweight Vehicle Routing
  • Fleet Tracking

Example Projects:

Census Transportation Planning System (.pdf)
Maryland State Highway Administration Enterprise GIS (.pdf)

Business Support Services:

Citygate GIS provides customized support services for business customers looking gain insight into market patterns and customer demographics. Services are performed by experienced information systems consultants with extensive GIS knowledge. Citygate's business services includes support in the following areas:

  • Market Demographics
  • Facility Planning
  • Logistics and Routing
  • Territory Alignment
  • Internet Store Locators

Example Projects:

SnowTrack Sales Analysis software for the Ski Industry (.pdf)